Diego Rivera Mural Song
Pan-American Unity

by Michael Calvello
The long body of the snake Quetzalcoatl
white fangs coming at you
blue yellow
red plumes

the brown Indians smell the earth
one of them wants to fly
he stands with yellow paper wings

Indians are making jewelry
making a fire
deer-headed Indians
weavers musicians
and the huge brown hand
Latino hand earth hand
with four turquoise blue stars
raised to you

Indians watching Washington
America beginning to form
and the Indians dying
under silver bayonets, bullets
black cannons

World Wars
The steel machine has steel fangs
and part of a brown hand

Half-flesh, half-robot
The face is white-gray, brown
Steel fangs facing you

barbed wire Nazi wrist
holds a dagger
the American flag is draped over an arm
holds the dagger away

a dead body over barbed wire
sick yellow insect man
tear gas man over barbed wire

all of us sitting among steel machines
but there is
man and woman
they hold thin roots
a tree of life
between them

she wears a white dress
he a blue shirt
blue jeans

and Diego
almost lost in all of this

an artist
painting a misty sailboat