Thailand Mural

Thailand Mural

by Songyot Phetmongkhonkit

This mural represents Thailand. I'm going to show the Thailand's mural in my mind.

In the 1st panel there is a temple. The people go to temple. They pray to the monks. Almost all Thai people have respect for the monks. This panel shows Thailand is a Buddhist country.

In the 2nd panel there is in countryside. There is a farm and an old style Thai house. And a person who is in this panel is a farmer. Thailand grows a lot of rice. We export a lot of rice to many countries in the world. That is a benefit of coming to Thailand.

The next panel is about fruit. Thailand has so many kinds of fruit. We grow a lot of fruit. Actually when we talk about Thai fruit we think about rambutan and longan. All of them are very tasty. Now I miss Thai fruit.

The last panel is a Thai King and Thai flag and Thailand map. Now the Rama 9th is the King of Thailand. Everybody loves him. He is one of the best King of Thailand.

This mural is showing some of Thailand. Thailand is a nice country to visit. If you have a chance or some vacation you should go there, you will be happy and enjoy it.