The Four Seasons in Japan

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My Mural

by Dan Odagiri

The theme of my mural is "The four seasons in Japan". There are four seasons "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter" in Japan. We have some good cultures with each seasons, but actually we also have some problems.

In spring, many trees have green beautiful young leaves, and many flowers are blooming. Particularly most Japanese people enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms under the tree. In summer, the days are very hot, so sometimes some people enjoy drinking beer while watching the fireworks at night in Tokyo downtown. In fall, we can enjoy to see the red leaves as take a hotspring at the countryside. Most mountain colors to red and yellow. It is so beautiful, and great view. In winter, many people go to inland every weekend, and we enjoy skiing and snowboarding. But it is so crowded.

Japanese people knows how to enjoy the four each seasons. Even though we also know that we have a lot of problems in Japan. The people lost a moral, so the garbage floods in the city. The traditional old houses are broken, and the new buildings are built. The city is changing to curt modern city. The mountain is distracted by golf course. There are big traffic jams everywhere. Japan is an advanced country but there are many problems that we have to think more.