City College - Institute for International Students
Diego Rivera Mural Project - Your own mural

Ann Dennehy

Pretend that City College has commissioned you to design a mural representing your country, designed in the Diego Rivera style.

A. Think about Rivera's mural and all the things he showed us about Mexico and the U.S., about art, technology, religion, culture, work, history, politics, women, sports, and geography. Decide which of these areas you would like to explore in your mural.

B. For your mural decide on:

  1. the theme - main idea
  2. characters - women, men, children, famous people, ordinary people ... who are these people? what are they doing? why have you included them?
  3. setting - what areas of your country would you like to show? cities? villages? famous places? landscapes?
  4. lesson - what will people learn about your country and your culture from this mural?
C. Design 4 panels. Explain in an essay each panel and how each panel relates to the others and to the mural as a whole. You may draw some sketches as well. Use Rivera's mural for inspiration.