Unit 1

Computer and Internet Applications

Technology is developing so fast that it is almost approaching the speed of automation. We are in the era of electronics. Computers are first place in the market. You could say that there is nothing that does not involve their use. There are many kinds of computers, from the simple calculator to the very sophisticated robot.

Communication in particular is very efficient. Nowadays, you not only can call your friends, you can see them!

The Internet is the largest computer system in the world. With it, you can communicate with relatives and friends around the world in a few seconds at a very low cost. There are a lot of service providers and programs that give you access to the Internet. There are also companies like Yahoo, Hotmail, Excite and others that give you a free e-mail address. When you have e-mail, you can write to anybody, anywhere.

Here at Mission Campus you can open your own e-mail address with any free company such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Excite. Simply follow these steps to obtain your own e-mail address with Yahoo. If you prefer another company, the steps will be very similar to those described here.

Follow the next steps:
  1. Make sure that the computer and monitor are on and ready to run any program.
  2. When you are in “Windows” and you see the desktop, you can enter into any program. Here, open “Internet Explorer” which you can identify by a letter “e”.
  3. Open this program by double-clicking the mouse’s left button. If this is difficult, one-click and then press the Enter key.
  4. Now, you are in the Internet. Usually, you will see the City College of San Francisco home page but sometimes students change it. This doesn’t matter because it won’t interfere with your next step and you can still go wherever you want.
  5. On the monitor (screen) you will see the menus which could appear in different ways. You should see the address bar. It’s a box where you can type the address for any wage page. For example: http://www.yahoo.com, www.hotmail.com, etc.
  6. In this box, type the Yahoo wage page as you see it in step number 5, and then press Enter.
  7. When you are in Yahoo, select Mail or check E-mail.
  8. In this part you select sign me up! because you don’t have your e-mail address yet.
  9. In the first part, you need to type a name for your ID, which will also be your e-mail address. Type any name you want, but be prepared to enter a different
  10. one because somebody else may have already chosen yours. Remember Internet is world wide and there are a lot of people with the same name.

    The password has to be an easy word or number to remember and it has to be at least six characters.

    Both ID and password do not allow any sign, symbol or space.
  11. In the section In case you forget your password, you can choose among those questions and give the answer. Then select the month you were born, day and a complete year. Where it says current Email address, don’t type anything if this is your first time for opening an account.
  12. Next is the Personal Account Information. Here you can give your information or give only the initial of your first and last name. In the Zip Code, you can give the school’s (94110) and for Occupation and Industry you can choose other.
  13. The last section, Tell us about your Interests, is optional. If you choose any of them, they might send you messages or junk-mail every day.
  14. Finally, you make a click in the box that says
    Submit This Form
If everything goes fine, you will have your e-mail address. If not, you may have to try different names until you get a unique one.

When you have your e-mail, you can write your relatives and friends anywhere around the world. Of course, they also need to find a computer with Internet access. You could mail them these instructions.

Now that you are familiarized with the Internet, you can search any country, company or organization around the world. Nevertheless, we want you to concentrate on investigating everything about the Diego Rivera Mural Project.

The home page of Diego Rivera Mural Project can be reached by a link within City College of San Francisco’s home page under Other. Its address is: