The Diego Rivera Mural of Pan American Unity shows Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Charlie Chaplin, and other people who were famous and significant in 1939 and 1940, when the mural was painted. It also shows the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge because the exposition at which it was painted was celebrating the completion of those bridges, and they represent San Francisco. Because the mural is on Pan American Unity, it also depicts the past of Mexico (and through Bolivar a little of South America) and of the United States.

Imagine that you are designing a mural in 2000. You want to show what was important that year. You also want to show the major events, places, people of the whole century.. What famous/significant people would you show in 1995? (Remember to include not just political people but artists and scientists as well.) Think of technology and inventions that have become prominent this century and include those images. Think of war zones, peace-keeping efforts, social issues and concerns but also other interests and popular forms of recreation, etc. What other images would you include in your mural? Let your mural reflect the whole world but from the perspective of someone living in San Francisco in 2000.