Written Summaries

Length: one side of one page

Note: Some of you will have more than one name to research. In that case, you should have a third of a page for each one-all three should be on one side of one page.

Include: Name, pronunciation (phonetic transcription), location in mural, reason for being there, a small picture, and sources

Use: Your own words!
Your written summary will be similar to your spoken summary in some ways. Please don't copy from the material you find. In fact, the best summaries are those you write from memory on the basis of what stands out in your mind after you've done your research. After you write your summary, you can look at your material to be sure it's accurate.

If you use another writer's words, be sure to use quotation marks and state the source. (Where did you read that statement?)

Your report should be short and clear and interesting!

Keep your progress report (the list of your steps) separate from your summary.

Be sure to connect the person or thing you're summarizing with the Diego Rivera Mural on Pan American Unity. State where she/he/it is in the mural and why you think Diego Rivera included her/him/it in this mural.