Presentation on a Component of the Diego Rivera Mural of Pan-American Unity

Presenter's Name ___________________________________

Evaluator _________________________________________

Component ________________________________________

  • Introduction was effective
  • You had a good (appropriate, clear) focus
  • You gave interesting details.
  • You related it to other parts of the panel.
  • You explained why Diego Rivera put the component in the mural.
  • You used your time fully without going over the time limit.
  • Comprehensibility
    • Volume
    • Rate
    • Pronunciation
    • Fluency
  • Vitality
  • Eye Contact
  • Use of additional visuals (name in print, transcription, pictures)
Work with group members
  • Being on time, making good transitions, etc.

Generally, your use of what we've practiced in this course was

Excellent       Good       Satisfactory       Poor

Comments and Suggestions: