Video on Diego Rivera: I Paint What I See

  1. What did Diego Rivera paint?

 2. What did he see? (What was the subject matter of his painting?)

 3. Where was he born?

 4. Where did he study art?

 5. What style of art was popular when he was overseas?

 6. Why was there often conflict between Diego Rivera and the people who hired him to paint murals?

 7. Name three sites (places) of murals he was asked to paint.
 8. Who was Frida Kahlo?

 9. Briefly describe her life and her connection with Diego Rivera.

10. Diego Rivera was one of only two painters to have a one-man show at the _____________

11. What happened to the mural he painted for Rockefeller Center?

12. What's the name of Diego Riera's mural in City College's theatre?

13. What does it mean?

14. What were the two great loves of Rivera's life?