Check List of Steps Taken

Please check which of the following you have done for the assignment on the Diego Rivera Pan-American Unity Mural.
(In your log, you will give all the details to receive full credit.)

Used the Rosenberg City College Library  5
Used a branch library  5
Use the SF Main Public Library  5
Asked a librarian for help  5
Made an appointment to attend a library orientation  5
Attended Section A: The Library Online Public access Catalog 5
Attended Section B: Use of Print & Electronic Periodical Indexes  5
Gotten a copy of the library brochure  5
     - CCSF Library Catalog & Other Libraries  5
     - Periodical Databases 5
     - World Wide Web  5
     - Info Trac SearchBank 5
     - NewsBank  5
     - Reference Sources  5
     - Local Indexes  5
     - CCSF Library Info.  5
Gotten a computer print-out from OPAC  5
Gotten the Dial-in Access Number from library staff  5
Used Dial-in Access Number from home  5
Used the Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature  5
Used the New York Times Index  5
Used the San Francisco Chronicle Index  5
Used the Art Index  5
Used Microfilm  5
Used Microfiche  5
Gotten a newspaper article on your assigned topic 5
Gotten a magazine article on your assigned topic  5
Gotten a book on your assigned topic  5
Xeroxed (copied) a picture  5
Checked out a book  5
Used the archives in R 519  5
Interviewed someone in the Art Department 10
Interviewed someone in the History Department 10
Interviewed or taken "tour" given by Andrea Klarman 863-4649 and23@earthlink.net20
Is there something else that you've done for which you would like to receive credit?