General comments about the Focus on Research Logs
  • Print-outs: Please provide the print-outs you get when you try to get information even if you don't get the information you're seeking. Highlight the parts relevant to your assignment; don't just download!
  • Copies: Please write the source (name of book, magazine, or newspaper) and date directly on the copies.
  • Be specific. Give exact names and dates of articles. Give details of each step - when, where, how, why, and what.
  • Refer to the section below for the contents of your log. Use it as a cover for your log.

Focus on Research Logs

Date and time begun___________ Name to Look Up__________________

Please organize your logs in the following order. Your final due date for the logs and summaries will be _____________________.

Log 1: Visit to the Diego Rivera Theatre to See the Mural _________ (date)

Log 2: Library Orientation _________ (date)

Log 3 or 4: Video "I Paint What I See" _________ (date)

Log 3 or 4: Independent work in the library _________ (date)

Log 5: Classroom Samples of Past Student Projects _________ (date)

Log 6:

Log 7:

Log 8:

Log 9:

Log 10:

Reminder: When you describe the steps you take (and for which you've given yourself points), be sure to highlight each one.