Communicating on the Mural through Technology

Ann Dennehy

Phase one: Idea Stage!

  1. First class trip to the mural, no background
    Students look at the mural for the first time and answer prompts on a worksheet.
  2. Computer lab lesson/review on how to use e-mail.
    Students send mural answers to teacher via e-mail.
  3. Jagsaw internet lesson where students find info on Rivera, on murals in general, on this mural in particular.
    Students teach one another their section of the online material.
  4. Return to mural to look again, answer more prompts.
  5. Follow-up writing assignments such as poetry and reaction papers.
    Students e-mail reaction papers to teacher
    Students e-mail essays to their partners for peer correction.
    May incorporate English translations of Mexican poetry as models.
  6. Finally a class home page where students' drawings, poetry and essays are posted.

Ann Dennehy says, I would love suggestions on websites for Part 3 and Mexican poetry for part 5.