Instructor: Nicole Wendel
Department: ESL
Course: Current Events

  • Students' awareness of the 2000 Census is increased.
  • Students' awareness of the growing Latino population in increased.
  • Students' understanding of and appreciation for Latino culture is heightened.
  • Students' learn about a major work of art present on the Phelan Campus.

    We studied an article about the census and the increase in the Latino population. I asked the students how they thought this increase would affect US society. The students mentioned, along with music, food, etc, art and in particular murals as a traditional Mexican art form. The fact that Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo were such colorful personalities heightened the students' interest and our field trip from John Adams to the Phelan Campus to see the mural was a big hit.

    The many stories on the census that will appear over the next year can easily be used to introduce the topic of murals and our mural in particular.