Form for Lesson Plans

We invite you to submit your lesson plans in whatever format you wish. It would be helpful to have the following information:

Your name _________________________Your department _________________________

The course for which the lesson is intended _____________________________________

Your objectives (the skills and/or knowledge the students will gain from the lesson; see: example (research assignment objectives)

Notes to teachers:

See examples below

Name: Vilma de la PenaDepartment: Foreign Languages

Course: Spanish 3A Continuation of Elementary Spanish

  • Students will be able to use the prepositions in a meaningful context.
  • Students will be able to use the colors in a meaningful context.
  • Students will become acquainted with the Diego Rivera Mural of Pan American Unity.

Notes to teachers: Although this lesson appears with instructions in Spanish at this level, it could be used at a lower level with instructions in English.

Name: Tina MartinDepartment: ESL

Course: ESL 79 - Avanced Speech

  • Students learn research skills necessary in academic speech giving.
  • Students practice speaking skills planning in groups.
  • Students integrate speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Students develop critical thinking skills.
  • Students further their knowledge of art and social studies.
  • Students further their speech-giving ability.

Notes to teachers: This is a research assignment I use with my ESL 79 students every semester. We spend about three weeks (9 class hours) culminating in three products:
  • An oral presentation in which the Diego Rivera Mural is the chief visual
  • A short summary written in their own words.
  • A presentation of their final log: Their description of their research process, my responses, and their final educated guess as to why Diego rivera included a particular component in his mural.

Of course, certain parts of the assignment can be omitted if less time is available.