Dear Mr. Diego Rivera
by Dan Odagiri

My name is Dan Odagiri. I am a student at SanFrancisco City College. I saw your mural at City College. It was very interesting for me. I have never seen such a mural in Japan. We have a great history and culture too. If you drew the mural about Japan, it should be an interesting one. When I saw your mural for the first time, I surprised about it, because there were a lot of themes, satires and messages in your mural. What do you want to draw next time? Could you tell me how many murals have you ever painted? Which mural is your best one do you think? I hope that you will create more murals.
Thank you!

From Dan

Letter to Diego Rivera

Dear Diego Rivera

My name is Joon-Sun, Hong. You can just call me Joon. I am from the South Korea. You know that. My country is very beautiful. Also the Korean people are very kind therefore, I like warm person. I like to see your murals. The murals have a strong power, your country compared with America develop of society. I know you really love your country. I think my idea about my country is identical to yours. Whenever, I go I always keep my pride of Korea. I want to meet you someday. How about you?


Joon in San Francisco

The Letter To Diego Rivera
By Songyot Phetmongkhonkit

Hi Diego Rivera. My name is Songyot Phetmongkhonkit. I'm an international student from Thailand and now I'm studying at City College of San Francisco.

I want to paint the mural like you about Thailand. Thailand is a small country in Asia. We have a King governs Thailand. We grow and export a lot of rice. And we have many kinds of fruit and Thailand is a Buddhist country.

I saw your mural at City College. I very interested in your mural and you. It is very creative and so beautiful. I learned about some people from you mural who is I never known. And I can get some stories.

May I ask you some questions? If I wanted to paint my mural How would you paint it? And what is your inspiration to paint the mural? That all I would like to ask you. Thank you so much.