Ann Dennehy
City College - Institute for International Students
Diego Rivera Mural Project - Student Letter

A. Think about the mural we have been studying and its creator, Diego Rivera. You are to write a letter to Rivera, as if he were still alive. Think about what you would like to ask him, and what you would like to tell him about yourself.

In your letter:
  1. introduce yourself
  2. tell him a little about your country
  3. tell him what you like about his mural
  4. tell him what you learned from his mural
  5. ask him any questions about the mural or about him personally.
B. Read your letter to your partner. Have your partner respond aloud, as if she/he were Diego Rivera.

C. Have your partner read your letter and circle any errors. Discuss these errors, correct them, and re-write your letter, making these changes. Submit the second draft of your letter.