At The Walking Tour
by Dan

I was interested in the mural that was at the swimming pool. I felt excited when I saw it. Because the theme was expressed clearly in this mural.

I thought the theme was "water and birth of life". I saw that it was drawn in this mural. There is a relation between water and birth of life in it. I think the water is necessary life, and before birth, a human bring up in the amniotic fluid. There were a man, a woman, a baby, some animals, some fishes, a big tree in this mural. Every life needs the water. It was drawn so beautiful and powerful. I impressed his viewpoint. I thought that every mural have specific theme in it.

The Mural In Colt Tower
by Dan

I went to see the mural in Coit Tower. There are a lot of people in the mural. I think the whole mural is about the social development of California. Many people were working in the big factory and many people gathered at the town, and there were a lot of cars. California was developing to modern. I saw that people made a big orange plantation, they could harvest a lot of oranges, and there was a grape vineyard to make wine, and there was a wine factory beside the vineyard because people started to make wine, finally the it became one of the important industry

The other panel was drawn about a big farm, there were a lot of cows, and the factory to make cheese and ham.

I can understand the theme of this mural, but I can not understand what he really wanted to express to everybody. I want to know it.

The Beach Chalet
By Songyot Phetmongkhonkit

The mural at the Beach Chalet the located at the west end of Goden Gate Park on the Great Highway. The painter was Lucien Labaudt who used the fresco technique. It has three layers of plaster which was painted about San francisco life and activities of the city.

At the beginning of the mural, it was a story of a group of people at Embarcadero such as a sailor, a surveyor, a tractor operator and a longshore man. The second panel was about Fisherman's Wharf. The third panel was a family setting out for a picnic at the Baker Beach and Labaudt's cousin and people w6o were important for him.

The next panel was about the Golden Gate Park including many groups of people. The fifth panel is included a picture of the painter with two other women at the China Beach. The. next panel was about the artist "Gottardo Piazonni" standing with two girls at Fisherman Wharf. The next pane ' I was about an architecture "Arthur Brown" and the last panel was painted about Chinatown and also the park at Ocean Beach.

The similarities between the Beach Chalet mural and Diego Rivera's mural was the painters included themselve in the mural. They also included famous people and people who involved in their lives. And both murals are represented San francisco.

In my opinion, I think that it was very big painting and very interesting me. Even though it was an old mural but the colors are still good and meaningful for people in San francisco in this century.