Ann Dennehy
City College- Institute for International Students
Reading and Writing Class. - Vacation Homework

Over vacation you are to go into San Francscio and look at one of these murals. This is a DOUBLE CREDIT assignment. Failure to complete this assignment will result in a double-zero grade.

Find one of these murals and spend some time looking at it.
  1. the Bicycle Coaltion Mural behind Safeway at Fillmore and Duboce St. (take the underground MUNI to Church Street or the F Market up Market Street and walk behind the Safeway)
  2. the Diego Rivera mural at the Art Institute - 800 Chestnut Street, up the hill from Fisherman's Wharf, near the crooked part of Lombard Street
  3. the mural at the Beach Chalet - 1 000 Great Highway, on Ocean Beach , at the end of Golden Gate Park, near the windmill
  4. the mural at Coit Tower - 1 telegraph Hill, in North Beach
You may write about more than one of these murals for extra credit, biut you are only required to write about one of the four.

As you look at your mural take notes on:
  1. the setting in the mural
  2. its characters
  3. the plot within the mural
  4. the theme of the mural
  5. your opinion of the mural
  6. similarities between this mural and Diego Rivera's mural.

After visiting the mural write a one-page essay in which you describe the mural you chose, the setting in the mural, its characters , the plot within the mural, the theme of the mural, your opinion of the mural, and similarities between this mural and Diego Rivera's mural.

This essay is due the day we return from spring break, Monday April 24