Our Mural
by Jack, A, Yoshi

We describe all kind of U.S.A on our mural. For example, there are a lot of entertainment and important people.

First we are going to introduce some important or famous parsons.

Now, Bill Clinton is the president of U.S.A. he live in the white house at Washington D.C., Hilary live in the New York because she will be a mayor of N.Y. Next, we introduce one guy who is the richest all over the world, his name is Bill Gates, he is owner of Microsoft Co, and he lives in Oregon.

Then we are going to talk about entertainment.

First, Mariah Carey is very famous singer, and Meg Ryan is famous movie star in the Hollywood, then Michael Jordan used to be the best basketball player in the NBA.

Then normal people are enjoying jogging or walking with dog in a park. And a lot of people are coming Las Vegas for gambling. Young people are enjoying extreme sports at the California.

And we introduce modern American technology.

First, car industry is very important, especially American SUV and luxury car are very popular. Then space industry is also the highest quality all over the world. Finally, the Internet is connected everywhere, everyone and every country.

We thought those are the United States of America