Ann Dennehy
City College - Institute for International Students
Diego Rivera Mural Project -Sixth Panel

Pretend that City College has asked your partner and you to collaborate with Diego Rivera on a now panel for his mural. In this panel you are to show life in The United States TODAY.

With your partner decide on:
  1. 3 types of technology you would like to show
  2. 3 important American women you would like to portray
  3. 3 important American men you would like to portray
  4. 3 "regular" Americans doing recreational activities ... what are they doing and where?
  5. How will all these elements fit together in the panel? (Think of dividing the panel top and bottom, or left and right, as Rivera did.)

Follow these steps:

A. First, discuss your ideas with your partner, and take notes as you talk.

B. Second, Write out your notes together. You may also do some drawing, if you like.

C. Turn your notes into an essay that you write together with your partner.

D. Present your ideas to the class. Practice your presentation so that you present your ideas clearly, and the other students can understand you.