For our final examination, we will present information to the class that will help us understand and appreciate our Diego Rivera "Pan-American Unity" mural. Our class will be divided into five groups of four members; each group will present information from research about one specific panel of the mural. Total presentation time should be about 13-15 minutes.

As in our previous research assignment, group discussion will be led by a moderator, recorded by two secretaries, and controlled for time by a timekeeper. The presentation itself will follow a form similar to that of our previous presentation: sources must be cited, the presentation must be balanced among the four speakers, and transitions should be made between speakers.

We are fortunate to be able to meet in the Diego Rivera Theater on our final exam day: _____________.

In that way, we will be able to use the mural itself as the main part of our visual aids.

  1. Your presentation should provide a context for the panel you are focusing on by explaining how your panel relates to the mural as a whole.
  2. Your presentation should identify interesting elements of the panel and provide background information about them as well as explaining their significance to the panel and/or the overall mural.
    • Speakers should summarize and paraphrase the information on their topic(s) from articles that the group has collected to use for research.
    • Your presentation should cite the source(s) of your information.
    • There should be effective transitions between speakers.
    • The presentation time should be equal for all speakers.
    • We will use the mural as a visual aid; others may be needed (terms, words)