ESL 79


Thanks to Bill Shoaf & Tina Martin for their assistance!


Students will work in teams using technology to gather information from books and periodicals on a chosen aspect of the mural, which will then be shared in 8-10 min. oral presentations using visuals. This project will require teamwork, time management, negotiation and problem-solving skills, use of the library system to research a topic, and interpretation, synthesis, and organization of information, as well as mastery of the overhead projector and use of other visual aids.

  1. Read the Reeves and Pritchard articles from The Guardsman (2/14/00). Write a one-paragraph summary of each to evaluate in groups & turn in. (due date:            )
  2. See the video "I Paint What I See" and turn in the accompanying assignment. (due date:            )
  3. View the mural, taking notes on the sheet provided, which offers a short explanation of each panel. (due date:            )
  4. Attend the class "guided tour" of the mural and critique the presentation by the student docent, Andrea Klarman. (viewing date:             critique due:             )
  5. From the annotated copy of the mural, select two topics from the list provided. Write them down on a notecard and bring the notecard to class, where you will be grouped with others with the same interest. (due date:            )
  6. Each member of your group should find two research articles or one book related to your topic, make copies of information of interest to your group, then underline and mark important information, and bring it to class. (due date:            )
  7. In groups, prepare an outline of the plan for your presentation for evaluation. (due date:            )
  8. Complete and practice reports to present to the class. (due date:            )
  9. Complete and turn in evaluation of another presentation. (due: after final exam)

**The Diego Rivera Mural reports will be presented during our final exam period. The overall grade will be calculated on completion of each part of the assignment as well as the quality of the presentation itself.

Presentations will be evaluated for:

- effective use of time - correct citing of sources
- quality of information - successful teamwork
- clear organization of information- strong delivery skills
- effective summarizing & paraphrasing        - effective visual aids