City College - Institute for International Students
Diego Rivera Mural Project
Ann Dennehy

Spend some time looking at the 5 panels of the mural. Choose one panel you would like to describe. As you look at this panel take notes:
  1. WHO is in this panel? (characters)
  2. WHERE are they? (setting)
  3. WHAT are they doing? (plot)
  4. HOW do the top and bottom / right and left of the mural relate?
  5. WHAT is the meaning of this panel? (theme)
  6. DESCRIBE one thing you like about this panel and explain why. (your opinion)

PART TWO: Organize your notes and turn them into a one-page essay describing the mural panel.

PART THREE: Show your essay to your partner and have your partner circle any errors in spelling, grammar or structure. Discuss these suggestions with your partner. Correct any errors and submit the first draft of your essay.

A Sample Assignment by an IIS Student:

The Fourth Panel
by Dan Odagiri

I wrote about the forth panel. Diego Rivera painted Charles Spencer Chaplin. Some famous artists and famous architects are in the forth panel. Charles Spencer Chaplin expressed antiwar and freedom through the films. He gave the audience laughs and dreams. The famous artists and architect expressed something they wanted.

The top panel was expressing freedom through the art. The bottom panel was expressing history of entertainment, because entertainment is one of the important industrial in the United States of America.

I think the fourth panel meant that America was becoming more and more free. People could start to express something.

I prefer the center panel in this painting, because he drew the symbolism between Mexican history and American history. I can understand it easily.