Rivera Mural Project Assignments - ESL 82
                        Shoaf - Spring 2000

Goal of project: Students will be able to write a research paper using information from periodicals or books to support a thesis. Students will be able to use library and other resources, interpret them and synthesize the information to develop their theses.
  1. Write a response to the movie "I Paint What I See" (50 - 100 words).
  2. Make an appointment to view the mural. Write a reaction to it (50 words).
  3. Read and summarize the Reeves and Pritchard articles in the Guardsman (Feb. 14, 2000).
  4. Visit the Rivera mural website (www.riveramural.com) or the exhibit in the library. Identify other source materials for further study, explain one person's opinion about the mural, and choose two contrasting figures for which the exhibit or website gives additional information.
  5. Study the annotated copy of the mural. From each of the 5 panels identify two or more items or themes which might be interesting for you to research. Explain in 100 words or more your reasons for choosing these.
  6. Identify two contrasting figures or themes to use for your project. 2129
  7. Find two research articles related to your topics for your Rivera mural research paper. Include a copy of the article, a 3-5 sentence summary of the articles, bibliographic notation for each, and make notes concerning the information here that is relevant to your research. 3/16
  8. Research paper outline due. 4/27
  9. First draft of research paper (750 words). 5/2
  10. Final draft of research paper due. 5/9

Diego Rivera Mural Research Paper grade will be based on the following:
40% Research Documents    100 points total
  • 5 points for each article (5 points for every separate document 1-5 pages)
    • Include source information using the NMA style for a bibliography.
  • 10 points for every 25 pages of a book. Include a summary and explanation of the relevance of those pages to your project.
  • 5 points for video viewing
60% Essay    100 points total
  • Organization - 30 points
  • Development - 30 points
  • Correct in-text citations - 10 points
  • Bibliography - 10 points
  • Grammar and mechanics - 20 points
Plagiarism will result in negative points -20 to -60 points