For 140ABC (

Mural Location:

Phelan Campus

Diego Rivera Theatre
Pan American Unity
by Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, after remarriage, 1941


Procedure: Visit the mural as a class field trip at the Diego Rivera Theater. You are also free to visit the mural at the posted times to draw or listen to the docent tour.
Mural Visit Phelan Campus Date:__________ Time:_________
Location Diego Rivera Theatre: Open when __________ Times ____________
Process: Critique the Rivera traveling exhibition located on the third floor of the Rosenberg Library in writing. What did you learn?

Does the exhibit communicate all that you should know about Diego Rivera, his creation of the mural and how it ended up here at CCSF? Any thoughts or suggestions on how the exhibit can be improved? Write your thoughts down and turn them in to me on

  1. Make a minimum of three thumbnail sketches that represent your three favorite visual compositions taken from the mural.
  2. Ask yourself; Why did I choose these areas? Then answer your own questions after you have created your sketches. From the mural key make sure that you study who and what are images and symbols that are in your sketches.
  3. Create a painting: that incorporates one or all three of your compositional choices. You may substitute or incorporate your own symbols from your family, culture and/or country. The painting is to be developed from the compositional elements that you have sketched, but the final project does not have to look like Diego Rivera's work.
  4. You will have four class sections to work on this project. Painting minimum size 16" x 20" on birch panel, or stretched canvas.

    PAINTING DUE DATE: ______________ TIME:_____________