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 URGENT INFORMATION for programs that receive federal funds directly or indirectly:

As part of our Corrective Action Plan (CAP), a couple of years ago, we agreed to have all

Time & Effort report information on file.

Principal Investigators (PIs) & staff please make available Time & Effort Certifications

for FY 2013-14 and be sure to continue to complete and maintain these forms.

Federal Time and Effort Reporting Form

Also, please see new format for Board of Trustees agenda items related to contracts and grants incoming and outgoing at City College of San Francisco (See Awards Checklist).



You have elected to actively engage in supporting City College of San Francisco and its mission to provide quality educational programs serving the San Francisco Community College District and the State of California.

Coordinating project activities, managing funds, and evaluating and reporting project goals can be overwhelming.  This website was developed to provide assistance to project coordinators, principal investigators, and project staff understand and utilize policies and procedures to effectively manage funded programs also known as "Sponsored Projects".

Grants & Resource Development

Please visit the Grants & Resource Development website for all contract and grant services and links to all City College of San Francisco programs, offices and organizations.

Proposal Writing

If you are considering writing a proposal, check out the Proposal Writing Intro for suggestions.

To get going quickly, go to Awards Checklist

which includes information and forms needed to begin your project.

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