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Resources and Links for Grants

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office website is one of the most important sources of funding and offers invaluable resource information.  The website includes available grants, proposal guidelines, a vast collection of data, as well as professional/career development, and a list of approved programs.

The Federal Student Aid website provides financial aid information and required forms for filing the FAFSA.  If students are eligible for financial aid, this is the site.  Deadlines, applications, and additional links provide students with everything needed for financing their education.

If you are up to the challenge of applying for a federal grant, check out the comprehensive website simply named grants.gov.  The website provides grant opportunities, applications and deadlines, and other links to additional resources.


US Department of Education

The Department of Education establishes policies on federal financial aid for education, collects data and disseminates research, and provides a forum for key issues in education.  The website is quite a resource for project development addressing current issues in education which is fundamental to developing grant proposals.

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center supports a world enriched by the effective allocation of philanthropic resources, informed public discourse about philanthropy, and broad understanding of the contributions of nonprofit activity to civil society.  It is the perfect place to start for researching funding support from foundations and grantors, and also understanding the culture of philanthropy.  Fortunately, San Francisco has a local center located at 312 Sutter Street, suite 606.  The Center houses a library, offers courses, and events that support non-profit and foundation activities.


Resources at City College of San Francisco

The Technology Learning Center, a.k.a. the TLC, provides priceless support for faculty and staff who endeavor to utilize technology for teaching and personal development.  Offering workshops, courses, and one-on-one help supporting educational technology.

For Research and Planning, the Decision Support System provides database access to CCSF demographics.  This site may be particularly helpful when writing proposals that address student success issues among particular student populations.

The Office of Mentoring and Service Learning offers faculty the opportunity to sponsor their own service-learning projects. Service learning integrates community service with academic instruction and reflection. Through this office, faculty may offer their students academic credit for performing course-related community service.  Fantastic!

The Center for Student Success is a product of the RP Group which collects data on "best practices".  The website is an archive of promising practices at work in California’s 109 community colleges. The site features programs and strategies in four key areas of concern for California Community Colleges: Student Success; Health Occupations Training programs; Diversity; and Learning Assessment Listserv (email Listserv in body of text "subscribe and your name" leave subject area blank).