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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can proof of non-profit status and College identification information be found?

The Office of Institutional Advancement, Resource Development can provide this information as well as the College's federal identification number.

What is the difference between "in-kind" support and "matching funds"?

In-kind support and matching funds may be from the same source, but matching funds or "cash match" typically require tracking of College Unrestricted funds or Restricted grant funds used to directly support grant activities.

How is proof of liability insurance provided to the funder?

The request to provide a CCSF Certificate of Insurance can be made by contacting Peter Goldstein's Office or by printing the request form from the CCSF website.  Once the request form is completed, the certificate is sent directly to the entity identified in the request.

What is a sub-recipient contract?

When collaborating institutions and/or organizations receive project funds and CCSF is the fiscal agent, each entity requires a separate contract and budget for their portion of the award.  For assistance with sub-recipient contracts and procedures, contact Marguerite Versher in Resource Development.