Expenditure Account Codes


These are the most utilized expenditure account codes for grants.


Academic Personnel Codes Classified Personnel Codes Supplies and Materials Other Operating Expenses Capital Outlay

1000-Certificated Salaries

2000-Classified Salaries

4000-Supplies and Materials

5000-Other Operating Expenses

6000-Capital Outlay

1280-Supervisors/Grant PI's

1321-Faculty Release time/hrly

2110-Regular Classified (FTE)

4102-Textbooks - 4103-Other Books

5101-Instructional Service Agreements

6413-Add-Computer Equipment

1322-Instructional hourly

2370-NI College Aide (Students)

4301-Printing Supplies

5110-Guest Lecturer

6414-Add-Misc Equipment

1324-Summer Instructional hourly

2374-Summer Lab Aide (Students)

4302-Computer Supplies

5130-Dues and Memberships


1422-Non-instructional hourly

2375-College Aide Work Study

4303-Other Supplies

5190-Other Consulting


1424-Summer Non-instructional hourly

2380-Classified Overtime (+40 hrs)

4305-Instructional Supplies

5192-Stipends - 5193-Honorarium

7000-Other Outgo

Release time should be reported in percentage (30/x) to the Dept. Chair


4306-Food and Catering or 5202

5202-Conference and Food Services

5210-Non-local Travel (over 60 miles)     5212-Local Travel

7501-Payments to Students (such as tuition reimbursements)

and Office of Instruction

3000-Fringe Benefits



7701-Indirect Cost

and must include fund number (FOAPA)

Use the Fringe Benefits Calculation sheet per grant personnel category


5632-Copier Lease                           5656-Software License Fees                   

7702-Pass-through expenditures -  Sub-recipient Cost

Part-time faculty are limited to 60% FTE



5650-Maint & Repair - Equipment

5802-Print Advertising (Out-sourced printing)



Last Updated: July 13, 2009