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Award Checklist

Starting Your Grant-Funded Project:  Award Checklist

Upon receiving notification that you are awarded funding, you are authorized to conduct the program or project in accordance with grantor regulations.  You must also conduct the program or project in accordance with CCSF policies and procedures.

Listed below are the main steps to take to implement your project:

  • Announce award notification by submitting information required for Board of Trustees agenda item(s).  Your Dean must review agenda items and be included as the "Originator" along with VC Joanne Low. Agenda items should include all available information. Prior to submitting grant proposals, the Dean of Grants Resource Development must be notified and a board agenda item must also be submitted. (See new board agenda format for Incoming grants and Outgoing contracts.)
  • Check with Grants Accounting for assignment of fund number. The fund number serves to identify your project and expenditure activities.
  • Complete CCSF personnel hiring forms.  As soon as the fund number is assigned to your grant, file personnel forms with the appropriate offices, Human Resources and/or Office of Instruction. If you are hiring a contractor/consultant, you are required to submit a board agenda (Matrix item) prior to the start of the contract with all grant funding information, duration, and total amount of the contract.

Handle personnel issues:

If applicable, go through CCSF hiring procedures  by requesting info from

Human Resources

If hiring non-CCSF employee for project support (consultant, speaker, other vendor etc.) complete

Professional or Limited Services Contracts which must appear as a board agenda item.  The contractor/vendor should sign the contract and W-9.  Once the contract has appeared on board, signed with W-9 by vendor, and project director, complete Contract Transmittal form and requisition for total conctracted amount and send to Contract Processing at Gough.   If you are employing a CCSF classified employee, a FORM 3 must be completed with the fund number and additional hours, up to 40 hours per week.  If the classified employee is already full-time, then that employee should use the overtime time-sheet which should also include the fund number.

If applicable, follow procedures for hiring students (with or without FA work-study)

by contacting Student Employment.

Agreements and Sub-awards:

If your grant has a sub-award to other institutions/organizations, a Sub-Recipient Agreement and Board Agenda Item is required.  An electronic fillable PDF version of the Sub-Recipient Agreement hopefully will be available soon. Four original signatures on the Agreement will still be required, however, you may be able to email the agreement and have award partners print, sign, and return via regular or express mail. THE SUB-RECIPIENT AGREEMENT CANNOT BE CHANGED BY THE CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION, HOWEVER CHANGES MAY BE NEGOTIATED WITH APPROVAL BY CCSF LEGAL COUNSEL.  Please contact Marguerite Versher for assistance with all Sub-recipient Agreements. All contracts should clearly outline the scope of work and deliverables plus the budget specific to the sub-recipient and project activities.

Accounting and Budget Management

  • BANNER access is available upon request to the Help Desk to track grant expenditures. For faculty staff technical support contact the Technology Learning Center (TLC) or the Help Desk.
  • It is strongly recommended that you track all expenditures, in-kind, and matching funds with simple Excel spread sheets.  You may also request expenditure reports from the Grants Accounting Office, however they do not track matching or in-kind documentation.
Complete all reports required by grantor.  As soon as you receive the reporting and invoicing requirements from funder, copy and notify Marguerite Versher, Grant Management and Business Services (Grants Accounting) for assistance especially with financial reporting.