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Important Information on Registering for Fall 2014

Students wishing to add my Accounting 1 or Accounting 51, email me one week before the class starts .  Please do not email me before.  Please see the above information "Fall 2014 Registration Instructions"  See the syllabus below.  I am in the process of updating for Fall 2014.  However, almost everything will be the same except for the HW access codes.

I will be adding MANY, MANY STUDENTS

Students on the official waitlist will be added. I will be receiving emails from all my classes, plus MANY, MANY students wanting to add, so you must follow the instructions that are listed above.  These instructions tell you how and when to email me, which is extremely important.  Otherwise, your email will get lost.  This is essential. 

  Thank you for your patience.

Please see additional information below at:  Updating Fall 2014 Information:

Acct 1 Syllabus Fall 2014

Inf on How to Register with CengageNow Acct 1

Additional Inf on Registering for CengageNow

Fall 2014 Information on Purchasing CengagNow & the Textbook

Acct 51 Information on Purchasing WileyPlus and book:

Syllabus Fall 2014 Acct 51
Student Information for Purchasing and Using WileyPlus 15th ed

Accting 51 will be using a new edition, 15th edition

Acct 51: Fall 2014 URL for WileyPlus:  :

Orientations for all classes will be Online for Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 & Summer 2015

2014 Password Information for Insight

Accounting 1 Spring 2014:  Please note that the book is also available as a e-book when you purchase CengageNow, the homework package.  It is located under the Study Tools tab once you are set up with CengageNow, and have logged in.  Therefore, you do not have to purchase a hard copy of the text book.  This is completely up to each of you individually.




 Office BM 470
 Mailbox C106
 Address 50 Phelan Avenue, L128
San Francisco, CA 94112
 Office Hours Online Office Hours: To be announced.
SCHEDULE  In the Process of Updating for Fall 2011
Course Days From To Room
ACCT 1 Online Online.
ACCT1 Online Online

Fall 2013 Accounting 51 Syllabus

Online Online


Login Instructions for the Insight Platform



Orientations for all classes will be Online for 20143.

Final Exams for all classes will be on campus, closed book and closed notes. Final Exam dates to be announced at a later date.


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