Introduction to Dietetics Profession
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Instructor:  Lisa Yamashiro, MEd, RD

Focuses on the scope and nature of work in the nutrition field, including higher education pathways, career opportunities, professional roles, skills, responsibilities, ethics.  Includes guest presentations by various nutrition paraprofessionals and networking opportunities with registered dietitians.  This course is a prerequisite for acceptance to the Nutrition Assistant Program.   

Fall 2013, CRN# 72108, 1-unit
T & Th, 9-10:50 a.m. (Th 8/15 to T 9/10), 8 class meetings

Note:  Acceptance to the program occurs AFTER successful completion of HOEC 98.  A maximum of 30 qualified students will be accepted to the NA Program AFTER completion of HOEC 98.  Space is limited.  If the number of students exceed the maximum of 30, acceptance will be based on attendance, performance, and prioritized by earliest registration date. This course is a pre-requisite to HOEC 99 "Nutrition for Health" and HOEC 100 "Foodways, Nutrition & Health". 

"Untangling the Nutrition Web in Career Development", 3rd edition by Jennifer Ernst, , flyer (PDF file).  You will need this book by the first day of class. 

Syllabus (check back)

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course a student will be able to:

  1. Self-assess personal interests, capabilities, and education/career goals to prepare for success in school and/or professional careers in the nutrition field.
  2. Compare and contrast the diverse employment opportunities in the nutrition field. and educational pathways..
  3. Demonstrate basic elements of work acculturation and professionalism (i.e. punctuality, accountability, reliability, etiquette, ethics, organizational skills, time management, and effective communication skills).
  4. Prepare and develop a professional portfolio.

Be sure to pre-register for the course.  Students who are absent the first day of class will be automatically dropped (no exceptions).  Please arrive to class on time. 


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