How to Add a Speech Course

If you are NOT registered in a Speech course and want to add a class there are several steps you will need to take:

1.  Find your registration ticket. The registration ticket has the date you are allowed to register for classes.  If you have lost that ticket,  then you can go on Webstars and print out a copy. 

2.  Show up to the class you want to add with your registration ticket.  Going on the first day will increase your chances of getting in.

3.  Students will  be added based on the date on their registration ticket.  The students with the earliest dates will be added first.  If you do not have your ticket with you, the instructor will not be able to add you on that day.

4. Names will not be added to the waiting list before the first day of class.  This speech instructor will create a waiting list on the first day of class.   When enrolled students do not show up to class by the second class meeting, they are dropped from the class and new students are added from the waiting list.

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Last updated: 05/23/2006