To be considered Cooperative Work Experience Education
for college credit, all of the following must be in place:

A work site must be identified for the student.

A cooperative relationship between the worksite supervisor and instructor must be established. (There are forms which will guide this process.)

The number of college credits is related to the number of hours worked at the worksite: Unpaid work experience: 1 unit for every 60 hours worked Paid work experience: 1 unit for every 75 hours worked (Note: maximum of 3 units)

The student must be enrolled concurrently in other CCSF classes (for a total of 7 units, which include the CWEE units) or, The student has previously completed required coursework.

The required forms must be completed with the proper signatures and submitted to the Instructor at the completion of the required hours and work based objectives.

Forms are available in PDF format