FAQ’s for Donors and Biotech Companies

1. I have a ton of science supplies my company needs to get rid of. How do I set up a pickup / drop-off?

          - You can arrange for a pick up by simply contacting the depot via e-mail or phone (see “contact us”)

2. What type of supplies can I donate?

          -Whatever type of science supplies you have we’ll take them of your hands. We except large equipment, small supplies, even office supplies. We do not except hazardous liquids, used syringes, or expired liquids. And please, no radioactive material.

3. Our organization does not have a truck for dropping off supplies. Can the depot do pickups?

          -Definitely! We have a large pool of volunteers that have the proper means of moving supplies from your organization to the depot. No shipment is too large for us to handle.

4. How can I become a regular donor for the depot?

        -Simply send an e-mail to  David Collins to request to be added to our e-mail list. This will allow you to arrange multiple pickups / drop-offs and also have knowledge of what events are going on at the depot.

5. If I am a teacher can I still make a donation?

         - Of Course!

Here are some other ways to help out:

  • Many schools and colleges contribute trucks and people to help with shipments from our donors to the Bio-Link Depot.
  • Some teachers contribute time and energy unpacking, sorting, and organizing the biotech supplies and equipment as it comes in.
  • Colleges and universities donate surplus supplies to the depot which we then give away to high schools and community colleges.
  • Professors and industry professionals donate expertise in identifying supplies.
  • Many teachers have biotech industry contacts and connect us with companies that can donate supplies.
  • Teachers help us run the Open Houses and donate supplies equitably. There is a great demand for experts who can help setup new teachers starting up biotech classes.
  • Most of all you can give us input on how to better serve the biotech teaching community in Northern California!