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City College of San Francisco is an Advanced Transportation Technologies and Energy (ATTE) Center, one of 10 such community college centers in the state. As part of the statewide ATTE initiative, CCSF-ATTE trains technicians to meet workforce needs in the advanced transportation and energy industries.

The CCSF-ATTE program works in conjunction with faculty and administrators at colleges throughout the northern and eastern half of the San Francisco Bay Region. There are 15 colleges in this region extending from City College of San Francisco to Las Positas in Livermore to Solano to Santa Rosa Junior College.

We support training with a variety of industry, local, state and federal resources. We have successfully obtained donations in support of our hybrid and alternative energy programs from industry sources. We have successfully partnered with local businesses (in some cases, applying on their behalf) to obtain state training grants. And we have been successful, both on our own and as part of larger teams, obtaining federal training grants in such areas as Hybrid and EV training for students and incumbent workers, biodiesel training for distributors and fleet operators, and solar PV and solar thermal installer instructor training for faculty.

CCSF is also a community college with more than 100,000 students that annually take courses. Classes are offered day, evening and weekends at one of nine campuses and dozens of community centers throughout the city with flexible modes of delivery (credit, free non-credit, free for senior courses). Courses can be customized to meet student demand for quick delivery of specific topics and the workforce and economic development needs of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

The ATTE center at City College is part of a statewide network funded through the California Community College's Economic and Workforce Development (CCCEWD) program. For more information about our network of partners throughout the state, click here.

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