We Provide Training and Expertise in these Four Sectors

Energy EfficiencyEnergy

CCSF-ATTE is supporting training related to both residential and commercial building energy efficiency.

We have supported the College’s Residential Energy Efficiency course and we are working with PG&E and industry partners to develop a series of courses to provide skills to incumbent workers and students in commercial building energy audit and analysis.

  Renewable EnergyRenewable

CCSF-ATTE has supported the growth in solar photovoltaic and solar thermal programs over the past 5 years.

Starting with a small, 4-panel array, the Photovoltaic program at CCSF now has two full rooftop-sized systems; the original PV Installation course has been supplemented by an Advanced PV class as well as a Solar Thermal Installation course.

Renewable EnergyTransportation

CCSF-ATTE has worked with regional colleges to make hybrid vehicle training part of existing automotive repair and maintenance programs.

We obtained US Department of Energy (DOE) funding and were awarded a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to support training throughout Northern and Southern California

  Renewable EnergyGIS

CCSF-ATTE helped launch the GIS Education Center program at the college.

Location is everything! Geographic Information System (GIS) is a cross-disciplanary tool which enable users to visualize layers of data on a map and execute tools for spatial analysis. GIS is highly desirable skill that is transferable between industries.


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