Uploading to fog with Windows XP, WS_FTP, and telnet

WS_FTP LE and one or more versions of telnet are supplied with standard CCSF Windows computers for Faculty and Staff.

Before you start

You must have a fog account. If you don’t, call the help desk or see your local ITS staff person and ask for an ITS Request for Computer Account form: Write in “fog web account” under Other types of accounts. You don’t need to obtain any special signatures (just your own) to submit the form.

Your login is your username for GroupWise and the CCSF network—usually the first letter of your first name plus up to the first seven letters of your last name.

You also need to know your fog password. If you have forgotten it, see your local ITS staff person or call the Help Desk at 239-3711.

You need an FTP program like WS_FTP, which is part of the standard software on CCSF Faculty/Staff Windows computers. For home use, WS_FTP LE is no longer free, but several other FTP programs are. Google “Free FTP” to see the current crop.

You also need a telnet program to set permissions using the setup command. The TeraTerm Pro telnet program is installed on CCSF Faculty/Staff computers and is still available on the web. Another good, free telnet program that you can download from the Web is putty.


  1. Open WS_FTP LE:
  2. On CCSF Faculty/Staff Windows computers, click the Start button, All Programs, WS_FTP, WS_FTP LE.
    The Session Properties box appears.
  3. On CCSF computers you should be able to click the down-arrow to the right of the Profile name box and choose fog.
  4. Click OK .
Opening the fog

If you don’t see fog as a Profile Name choice:

  1. Click the New button to create a new profile.
  2. Fill in fog.ccsf.edu in the Host name box and your Login/User ID and password.
  3. Click OK.
Filling in fog info

WS_FTP connects to your space on fog and displays your local computer on the left and your fog space on the right:

  • Left side = Local files to choose for upload OR destination for a download
  • Right side = Where you upload files TO on the server OR server files to choose for download.
WS_FTP with local and remote panes open

Changing the left (local) location

For a Floppy or flash drive: Type the drive letter and a colon on the left. If you need to, move to a folder by clicking its name.

local selected
WSFTP - local files selected

Highlight file(s) to upload on left (or to download on the right):

  • Click to highlight one
  • Control-click to highlight several at once

With the files that you want to upload highlighted, click an arrow button to copy them – direction of arrow shows direction of move.

Setting permissions with telnet: IMPORTANT!

After you upload anything to fog, you must telnet into fog and type setup to set the permissions on your newly uploaded files and folders.

If you don’t use the setup command after uploading, you’ll see an error message saying that you don’t have permission to view a page.

After you have uploaded anything—even if you changed a single word and uploaded the change:

  • Open Telnet: Start button, All Programs, Teraterm pro, Connect to fog.
  • Log into fog with your login and password.
  • Type setup when you see the dollar sign.
  • Type exit at the dollar sign to finish.