Generic Form Builder

IMPORTANT: Adding questions to your form after it has been created is not possible. It is recommended that you develop the content and format for the form before you use the Generic Form Builder.

BUG: Choosing Check boxes with more than one correct answer renders incorrect results. A possible workaround for multiple correct answers is to choose Radio buttons, and present one of the options as both 1 and 2, or all of the above, or none of the above, etc.
If you really wish to use many check boxes and will promise not to use Radio buttons click here;^)

Please enter the number of questions you plan to include in the form:
Please enter the maximum number of options for any given question:
For example, if Question 1 on your form has 3 options and Question 2 has 5 options, enter 5 as the maximum number of options.

Please enter the title of the form exactly as you want it to appear:

Adopted from SaiAnand Balu of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Academic Technology and Networks.

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