Instructions for Using the
Generic Form Builder

You can use the Generic Form Builder to create simple forms, such as surveys. The forms can be accessed by students with any Web browser, and the results are mailed back to you.

How to Create A Simple Form

  1. Choose your background, text and links colors by clicking on the pop-up menus.

    You can preview your form at any time by clicking on the Preview button at the bottom of the Generic Form Builder page.

  2. Type your question in the box. The question can be multiple choice, check box or text.

  3. Select answer type

  4. Enter the options for the question

  5. Email address Type in the email address where results will be reported.

    Note: This option is required.

  6. Submit

    Click the Submit button to generate the html code for your form.

    That's it! Your form is complete. The next step is to transfer it to your Web directory.

    Putting your form on the Web

    1. Click mouse once on the screen that contains your form information.

    2. On the menu bar, click File, then Save As.

    3. Type in a new filename in the space provided (action.cgi is currently displayed in the filename box). You must name the file with a .htm (Windows 3.xx) or .html extension. For example: Type in mycourse.htm

    4. Choose the directory to save the file.

    5. Click Save.

    6. FTP the file to your webserver (for example, the Ra server) as outlined in "Putting your Page on the Web"

    7. Publish your URL to your Students.


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