Publishing from FrontPage


Publish from FrontPage to:

  • Put your Web on the Internet (when you publish to a working Web server like
  • Make a backup, working copy of a Web that you can open and edit in FrontPage or view in a browser.

Publishing is the only way to guarantee copying your Web to another location with all its files, links, and FrontPage features (borders, built-in scripting) in working order.

To publish

1.      On the menu bar, click File Publish Web.

  If no one has ever published from your computer, you will go straight to the Publish Destination window.


If the last publish destination required a login, the Enter Login screen appears. Click Cancel to get rid of it.

Publish Destination window

2.      The Publish Destination window appears. In some situations the Publish Web window appears (if it does, skip to step 5).

3.      In the Enter publish destination: box enter:

For yrlogin, substitute the username that you requested for your department account on www.


The Login screen appears.
Enter you login and password. Logins and Passwords are case sensitive.

When you click OK, the Publish Web window appears.

6.      If your publish to: destination is not correct, click the Change button and enter the correct destination:

where yrlogin is your login on www.

7.      If you have already set your publishing options, click Publish to copy your files to the www server.

The program tells you when it is done publishing and offers you the opportunity to open a browser and look at your published site.

Tip: You will almost always notice differences between the way your site looks on your local disk and the way it looks on the Web.
Check out your site in several browsers and make notes on tweaks that you need to attend to.
Then go back to FrontPage, make changes and publish again.
This is, as they say, an iterative process. That is, do it until you are satisfied enough to stop.

Setting publishing Options

You can check on and change several options from the Publish Web window.

Click the Options button and then click the Publish tab to bring its options forward.