Managing a List

To List, or Not to List

If you need to send mail frequently to a number of people, probably the simplest solution is to set up a Pine addressbook file. Pine makes it very easy to construct such a file and you may create and modify it at will. This will allow you to send information to a class of students or other groups of individuals easily, BUT it will not allow them to send mail among themselves easily. For more information on setting up a mail list and addressbook in Pine, refer to Pine & Pico: Introduction.

If, however, your goal is to better facilitate communication back and forth among a group of people--e.g., a class, a committee, or a special interest group--you may wish to setup a list. A list is an email address that distributes mail to all members of a specified group. A list enables members to communicate with or reply to the whole group without typing a lengthy list of email addresses each time.

Performing List Functions

All of the functions described here can be performed using email. They can also be done by using forms available on the World Wide Web at These pages will walk you through setting up a list and provide you with an opportunity actually to set up the list over the Web. MajorCool pages are a handy way to perform the functions for maintaining a list. You can use email for some commands and MajorCool pages for others, depending on how you like to work.

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