CCSF Disclaimer

CCSF provides computer accounts and access to technology resources for all faculty, students, and staff for educationally related purposes. The College assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and appropriateness of official College World Wide Web (WWW) pages.

Individual's (personal) pages (as denoted by "~username" in the URL) are provided as professional and educational work areas. These Individual pages are reviewed for adherence to technical standards only. Individual page content is determined by the page owner, is not reviewed by the College, and is subject to review upon formal complaint by a responsible party.

CCSF assumes no responsibility for, nor does it endorse, the contents of any personal/individual's World Wide Web page. However, if you believe the content of a individual's page is offensive, obscene, or inconsistent with the generally accepted norms for WWW page content, please register a formal complaint by contacting

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