Sexual Harassment Flyer
San Francisco Community College District
Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Office

I t is important for all students and employees to be aware of the San Francisco Community College District policies and procedures concerning non-discrimination, and sexual harassment prevention. It is also important to remember that the District does not tolerate retaliation against any employee or student for making a valid complaint or charges under the provisions of its nondiscrimination procedures, or for cooperating in an investigation.

Employees who, in their official capacities, become aware of allegations of sexual harassment or who observe conduct that appears to constitute sexual harassment should refer the matter immediately to the Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Office. If a student or co-worker is seeking advice from you on a possible sexual harassment incident, inform the person that you must take appropriate action related to the information and avoid guarantees of confidentiality or inactivity.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct. The same conduct may or may not be sexual harassment, depending on whether it is acceptable to the person(s) affected by it. Supervisors or faculty who are in the position to review the work or the academic progress of an employee or a student must be careful that conduct is truly welcome as opposed to a reaction to the real or perceived authority of the supervisor or faculty. When individuals are in inherently unequal positions (such as teacher and student or supervisor and employee), the conduct may be less welcome than the individual whose position confers power believes.

Furthermore, conduct that was previously welcome may become unwelcome. Past consent does not prevent a charge of sexual harassment based upon subsequent unwelcome conduct.

Even when conduct is clearly welcome, the individual whose position confers power must be careful that the consensual relationship does not give undue access or advantage, restrict opportunities, or create a hostile and unacceptable environment for others.

For more information contact:
San Francisco Community College District
Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Office
(415) 452-5053