General Harassment Flyer
San Francisco Community College District
Title 5/ADA Compliance Office

Discriminationand Harassment
Know Your Rights!

The San Francisco Community College District is committed to providing a workplace and an educational environment free of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, threats, or coercion based on a legally protected status.

Just as sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination, harassment may also be based on other protected categories which are: race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, age, gender, marital status, domestic partner status, sexual orientation, disability or AIDS/HIV status, medical conditions, gender identity, or status as a Vietnam-Era veteran.  These categories specifically include status as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning person in any District program or activity.  The standards as to what constitutes illegal hostile environment harassment based on other protected categories are generally the same as those for hostile environment sexual harassment.  This includes those perceived to be in the protected category or associated with those in the protected category.

Hostile work or educational environment sexual harassment based on a protected category is established where there is unwelcome conduct that a reasonable person would consider sufficiently severe or pervasive and objectively offensive to alter the condition of employment or learning and create an abusive working or educational environment. Therefore, a harasser can be a student, classified staff member, faculty member, or administrator.

While not every instance of bad behavior will rise to the level of illegal harassment, it may be a violation of collective bargaining agreement provisions or other District policy which could result in the discipline of an employee or student who engages in such bad behavior. Also, under certain circumstances, a harasser may be subject to personal liability.

Employees who become aware of discrimination or who observe inappropriate conduct should report it to the Title 5/ADA Compliance Office, immediately. If you are in a position to stop the activity (i.e. it is happening in your classroom), you should do so, immediately. However, you will still be required to report it to the Title 5/ADA Compliance Office for follow up.

For more information contact:
San Francisco Community College District
Title 5/ADA Compliance Office
(415) 452-5053