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Who is WiSE?
We are womyn in science and engineering at City College of San Francisco. WiSE is an officially recognized club of the CCSF Associated Students. It is a support based club that encourages women to succeed in pursuing an interest in Science, Engineering and Mathematics by providing extra resources such as study groups and science related events.

WiSE Mission encourage and inspire women pursuing the sciences and engineering, and to build a supportive community to exchange information and resources.

WiSE Philosophy
Because engineering is recognized as a predominantly male profession it is difficult for women to find support in the field. Many are intimidated by the ratio of men to women in their courses and consequently give up or are unable to perform to their full potential.

By congregating a group of students that promote women in science and engineering, we encourage fellow club members to do well in their courses and to succeed in their profession. One goal is for women in science and engineering majors to realize that other students are in similar situations and can succeed. The idea is to keep these students motivated and contribute to the success of others through involvement.

Another goal is to motivate women interested in science and engineering to pursue these interests. The hope is that students motivate each other to pursue higher education in technology and science. Through involvement we can gear each other toward rewarding and high paying careers.

Why should I become a science major?

Because science is fun! Not only does it test your creativity and patience, it helps you gain a better understanding of the world. Scientists and engineers get paid more, have better job security, and love what they do.

How do I pursue my interest in science?
By enrolling in math and science classes! They might seem intimidating at first, but you have nothing to fear. There are many resources available to you on campus and your instructors will be glad to help you out. Remember you're enrolled in classes to LEARN!

How will this club benefit me?
There are several ways to benefit from this club. When you join, expect to:
  • Meet other motivated students. You can share your experiences in a difficult math class, ask for help on a physics problem, or just hang out with students like you after your last Friday class.
  • Encourage a fellow student. Science, math and engineering courses are hard. Expect to meet others that are going through similar obstacles as you. We are here to support each other.
  • Learn to be a Leader
  • Volunteer
  • Have fun
  • Make friends!