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The Friends of the Library are proud to sponsor the Library Research Award.


  • Spring 2008
    • Andy Fredricksen. "Occam’s Razor and the New Praetorian Guard."a paper written for his English course with instructor Andrea Sanelli.
    • Aaron Cornell (Honorable Mention)."Memories of East LA: The Story of Eloise.”a paper written for his history course with instructor Lillian Duck.
  • Spring 2007 : It's a tie!
    • Rebecca Woolsey. "Feeble Science: Letchworth Village and Eugencis." a paper written for a History 1 taught by Lillian Duck.
    • Malissa Hicks. "Menstruation and Disposable Feminine Products." a paper written for an English 1A, taught by Andrea Sanelli.
  • Spring 2006 : Justin Edgar, a student in Karen Saginor's LIBR 51.

If you are interested in contributing to the Library Research Award, checks can be made to the: Library Research Award and mailed to the Scholarship Office account number 742095. You may also specify a portion of any donation to the CCSF Friends of the Library, be applied to the Library Research Award.

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