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Celebrating the Asian Creative Spirit

will be held Friday May 6, 2011
New Asia Restaurant, 772 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133
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Keynote Speaker: Angie Chau,
Author of “Quiet As They Come

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Pole Dancing, Goodbye Dear Friend
Short story by Jack Wilde

Asian Coalition Scholarship Winners 2009
2009 Asian Coalition Scholarship Winners
Scholarship Winners, Monika Liu, Trustees Anita Greer and Lawrence Wong

Yan Min (Sunny) Xiao
Yan Min (Sunny) Xiao, Grand Scholarship Prize Winner

Jason Kuoch
Jason Kuoch, Grand Scholarship Winner

Chancellor Don Griffin
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Don Q. Griffin, CCSF Chancellor

Mo-Shuet Tam and Minh Hoa-Ta Mo-Shuet Tam & Min Hoa-Ta, out-going co-chairs of the Asian Coalition, give a speech at the 2009 AC Dinner
2008 Scholarship Winners

Scholarship winners 2008

Bing Shu Zhu
Bing Shu Zhu (read his speech)

Liyao Zhu
Liyao Zhu (read her speech)

California Transplant Donor Network

"Great Love, Great Appreciation" by Paul Yang for
the California Transplant Donor Network

Asian Coalition (AC) is a voluntary membership organization comprised of faculty, classified staff, administrators, trustees, students and community members at City College of San Francisco (CCSF).

Established in 1979, Asian Coalition was established to promote the success of Asian American students and equal opportunity for Asian American faculty and staff at CCSF.  AC provides a vehicle for an organized and unified voice to address the needs and concerns of Asian Americans at CCSF.

Our goals are:

  1. To advocate for quality instructional and support services for the Asian American students
  2. To promote equal opportunities and advancement opportunities for Asian American faculty, staff and administrators
  3. To promote the awareness of Asian American social, cultural, political and community issues
  4. To ensure that Asian Americans have a voice at CCSF

2007 Asian Coalition Dinner was a big success
Click here for details!

Two long-time AC members are retiring:

Marion Kwan & Winnie Leong

Marion Kwan:

She was born and raised in San Francisco's Chinatown. Before joining CCSF, Marion was a civil rights worker in Mississippi. She taught pre-K at commodore Stockton school, started the young adult group at the Chinatown YMCA. She is an active member of the San Francisco community Board Inc., where she was a trainer for neighborhood conflict resolution.

Marion joined the EOPS program in 1975, organized the first peer advisor program in the college, developed the first leadership class curriculum and was the co-founder of the Asian Coalition. Marion has been the advisor for the EOPS Stepping Stone Peer Advisor club and was responsible for setting up the Tony Guiuan memorial scholarship.

Over the last 30 years, Marion has devoted her time to assist thousand of disadvantage students from all walka of life and backgrounds. She is known to be extremely humble about her commitment to social justice and educational access for all. In her spare time, Marion volunteers at the Zhong Hua Martial Art School in El Cerrito where she assists students with Tai Chi and Shao Lin Martial Art practice. Lastly, one can say that Marion is well versed in both Music and Martial arts. She plays the Chinese flute beautifully.

Winnie Leong

Winnie has been a instructor at City College of San Francisco since 1970 and is a long time AC member who has contribute ed greatly to the success of the coalition. She has served as historian, secretary, worked on raffle, dinner, and scholarship committee and has always been a voice of reason during our meetings. She has authored workbooks, sponsored student groups and taken classes herself for personal development. She has not only taught Chinese for three decades, but also served on the Academic Senate, a member of the East-West group, and has been the faculty advisor of the Myanmar student club since 1999. She has also won the outstanding AC faculty award.

Congratulations to both for well-deserved Retirements!!!

2007 Photos coming soon!

2006 Asian Coalition Scholarship Dinner Scholarship winners 2006
2006 Scholarship Winners, Donors and Trustees

2006 AC retirees
Suzanne Lo and 2006 retirees: Emily Chin, Ann Q. Wong, Dean Nicholar Chang

Anna Q. Wong, Gary Tom, and Josephine Loo
Anna Q. Wong, and Josephine Loo presenting Dean Gary Tom with his Special Presidential Lifetime Serivce Award 2006

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