California Community College Student Success Task Force: Related Materials and Antecedents

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Final Task Force Recommendations

Task Force Recommendations: December 1, 2011 Draft

Task Force Recommendations: September 30, 2011 Draft in PDF, in Word

Membership of the State Chancellor's Student Success Task Force as of December 1, 2011. 4/18/2011

November 14th Message from the Chair of CCCSSTF

Report from ASCCC President on November 9th meeting of CCCSSTF

November 10th Message from CCCSSTF member Constance Carroll concerning Noncredit

Summary of Online Responses received through IdeaScale through November 2nd

Implementation Chart drafted in November, 2011

Analyses keyed to CCCSSTF chapters or page numbers of the September 30th draft

Nov. 14 Summary of ASCCC positions

Community College Association Feedback Regarding CCCSSTF Recommendations

Student Success Task Force - Point Counterpoint - by Carole Meagher

Response from Monterey Peninsula College

Response from California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL)

Community College Council of the California Federation of Teachers Responses to particular recommendations

City College Responses

Academic Senate President Memo

Carlson, Lenny. Open Letter to Governor Brown 1/9/12

Carlson, Lenny. Open Letter to Senator Liu 12/9/11

CCSF Resolution for State Plenary meeting of the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges

CCCSSTF Recommendations Greatest Hits -- Quotations from the recommendations

City College activities - November 22nd Issue of City Currents

Connecting the Dots: By M. Mueller

December 1st Revised Recommendations Still Threaten Noncredit

Draft CCSF Discussion Framework

Fact Sheet for November 15th Press Conference at City College

Guardsman. Special Issue 12/6/11

Lopez, Susan. Research Shortcomings. 11/29/11

Nine Things to be Concerned About


Roman-Murray, Carmen. Letter in support of ESL

Student Success Task Force - ESL ramifications

Student Success Task Force - 2.1 Response from ESL at CCSF

Student Success Task Force - Point Counterpoint - by Carole Meagher

Wampole, Eileen. Letter in support of broad course offerings

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC)

Dec. 1 Response from ASCCC

Nov. 14 Summary of ASCCC positions

New State Academic Senate Resolutions pertaining to CCCSSTF approved Nov. 5

Presentation by Chancellor Scott and Panel: Video

Letter from ASCCC President Michelle Pilati October 25, 2011

Themes and Questions from the ASCCC October 25, 2011

State Academic Senate presentation at Fall Plenary, November 2011

Report on Area B meeting - Santa Rosa, October 21, 2011

State Chancellor's Student Success Task Force: Notes on Breakout Session. 4/18/2011

Responses from Other Organizations

American Association of Retired Persons - California Office

California Community College Educators OF Older Adults. 12/12/11

California Community College Independents (CCCI) Resolution in Response to the Draft Recommendations

Community College Association. Feedback Regarding CCCSSTF Recommendations Revised December 10, 2011

California Community Colleges Association for Occupational Education

California Community Colleges Matriculation Professionals Association (CCCMPA)

California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL)

Community College Council of the California Federation of Teachers

Community College Council of the California Federation of Teachers Responses to particular recommendations

English Language Learners Subcommittee for the California Federation of Teachers

Faculty Association of California Community Colleges. 11/7/11

Institute for College Access and Success

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Sources of Recommendations? and Related Reports

CCRC Working Paper: The Impacts of State Performance Funding Systems on Higher Education Institutions: Research Review and Policy Recommendations. December, 2011

Linking Adults to Opportunity: Transformation of the California Department of Education Adult Education Program. November, 2011

ALEC Model Legislation. Resolution Calling for Greater Productivity in American Higher Education. 2011

Community College League of California. Report of the Commission of the Future

Lumina Foundation. Navigating the New Normal. 2010

Venezia, A., Bracco, K. R., & Nodine, T. (2010). One-shot deal? Students perceptions of assessment and course placement in California community colleges. San Francisco: WestEd.

Nancy Shulock, Colleen Moore, Jeremy Offenstein. Steps to Success. 2009

Nancy Shulock and Colleen Moore. Rules of the Game. 2007

Memo From State Chancellor Jack Scott on Student Success Task Force. 3/4/2011

Notes on Student Panel Discussion on Classroom Practices and Learning Strategies. 3/8/2011

Performance Based Funding Issues for City College. 1/26/2011

SB 1143 Bill text

Performance Based Funding: A Faculty Critique and Action Agenda

Political Origins of State-Level Performance Funding for Higher Education[1].pdf

Using Longitudinal Data to Increase Community College Student Success: A Guide to Measuring Milestone and Momentum Point Attainment

The Demise of Higher Education Performance Funding Systems in Three States

Resolution adopted November 13, 2010 Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges
Develop a Faculty Definition of Student Success
Whereas, SB 1143 (Liu, 2010) mandates that the California Community College system "establish a taskforce to examine specified best practices and models for accomplishing student success," and the work of this task force is already in progress;
Whereas, Myriad forces from both within and without the California Community College System have attempted to define and suggest measurements for student success, leading to varying understandings and definitions of the term; and
Whereas, Models and definitions developed in other states may not transfer effectively or appropriately to the California Community College system; and
Whereas, Community college Boards of Trustees are required to rely primarily on or mutually agree with the academic senate in matters relating to student success;
Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct its Executive Committee to develop working definitions of student success based on input from faculty throughout the California Community College system and carry those definitions into discussions related to SB 1143 (Liu, 2010) and other appropriate venues.

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