Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Office/
Equal Opportunity Compliance
50 Phelan Ave., B213
San Francisco, Ca  94112
Phone: (415) 452-5053

Areas of Authority

I. Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEO)

II. Nondiscrimination and Harassment Prevention

A.) District Handout:

Policy and Procedures For Handling Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination

Appendix A: Discrimination Complaint Process

Appendix B: Agencies outside the District

Appendix C: Guidelines for Processing Formal

B.) Complaint form:

Appendix D: Unlawful Discrimination Formal Complaint Form

C.) Brochures:            

Sexual Harassment Employee Information

Sexual Harassment Student Information

Sexual Harassment Advisors Insert

D.) Flyers - Sexual Harassment:

Discrimination and Harassment Know Your Rights!

Flyers – Harassment based on other protected categories:

Sexual Harassment Is Against The Law!

III. Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 Compliance

A.) Brochure: 

District’s Employees’ Accommodation Program

B.) Forms:      

Formal Request for Reasonable Accommodation – Employee

Medical Authorization and Release

Reasonable Accommodation Request: Use of a Motorized Scooter

Reasonable Accommodation Request: Use of a Service Animal

C.) Service Animals:

Administrative Regulation

Procedures for Evaluation of Requests

For information on filing complaints regarding based on gender (e.g., sexual assault/sexual harassment & other violence), please see Title IX Compliance Office webpage

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